primary colours - acrylic on canvas

Mr. Tubby - oil on canvas

tiger cub - watercolour

Radiohead - watercolour

final exam collage - mixed media on paper

final exam - graphite on paper

Molly and Madeleine - ink on paper

still life drawing - graphite and chalk on paper

bottle wrapped in paper and twine - graphite on paper

charcoal sketches - additive and subtractive technique

Woman in chair.



Man in chair.

Self portrait.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

Ink on paper.

Pencil sketch.

fruit - pencil crayon

pencil sketches

sweater and pillow - modelled by Keef

Original pattern, knitted 4XL in size.

Pac Man pillow.

jade - acrylic on canvas

The colour is the original painting. The black and white one is the same picture with the colour digitally removed.

musical corner - (reversed colours) acrylic on canvas

dreamcatcher - acrylic on canvas

sneak at play - acrylic on canvas

test t-shirt for rattailfilms

A few years ago, I signed up for a one year membership with Popfuel in Toronto. This is the first shirt I made for my company Rattailfilms (we have since changed the name to one word, not the three words as seen above.) It was also my project for the lesson that was provided when I signed up with Popfuel.

self portrait 1998 - acrylic on canvas

blue drip - acrylic on canvas

cougar - acrylic on canvas

unfinished - oil on canvas

kitty - wire sculpture

Test, this is a cat I made in high school as a project.